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Help Tony continue to make a difference


There are many ways to be a strength and support to this important cause.

From sharing information to hosting fundraising events.

Here are ways you can help:


Awards are open to apply for by all Hondo, Texas graduating ROTC cadets. 

Email the Scholarship Foundation for application and detailed, pertinent information.

Applicants are ensured the highest quality of review in the decision making Awards process.

Scholarship Awards will be presented by Ceremony, in compliance with Covid-19 safety guidelines. 

For a complete list of qualifications, requirements and deadlines, contact by email directly before November of the School calendar year. 


Multiple ways to help build and strengthen our Scholarship platform:

  ~ Administrative

  ~ Scholarship Screening

  ~ Public Relations

  ~ Fundraising

  ~ Community Outreach/Support

  ~ Website/Facebook Mgmt.

  ~ Email/Newsletter Mgmt.

  ~ Printing Services

  ~ Memorial Maintenance, and more!

Our mission is to strengthen and secure the future by ensuring a solid, quality, prestigious Scholarship program for local Hondo, Texas youth.

Your gifts of support ensure graduating, qualifying ROTC cadets in their need for secure funds. Our goal is to have raised enough to award 2-4 students $1-$2,000+ each.

Joining Honorary Members have an opportunity to add the name of their Military loved one(s), engraved on the Monument Walls, currently in Design.

Gifts-in-Kind and land, etc., contribute to our growth, expansion and influence in the region. We are currently scouting a place, facility to house Mr. Santos' vast Military Collection. Interested individuals can contact by Submitting the Form below.


This can only be done with continued financial support accumulated throughout the school year, The more we raise, the more we can Award. 

Join the Antonio L. Santos Scholarship Fund Campaign
Share with us how you wish to Contribute to the future of ROTC graduates of Hondo, Tx.
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The Tony Santos
Memorial and Proclamation