"I come from a proud, very hard working family of immigrants from Mexico." 



Tony Santos was very proud of people and their efforts. He was especially proud of personal achievements that would impact society and communities through graduating high school, pursuing a de-greed education, and serving in the military. It is our desire to combine this with his love for Hondo, Tx., the place of his birth.


To seek out interested ROTC Graduating Seniors of Hondo, Texas high schools and provide Awards, Honors and Letters through Scholarship Grant Funding by the Antonio L. Santos Memorial Scholarship for continuing education. 


An all family panel that includes friends and Hondo, Texas residents.


ROTC Graduating Seniors of Hondo, Texas high schools. Graduating Seniors must apply between November and December of their graduating year and maintain grades and communication with the Antonio L. Santos Memorial Scholarship team, with updates of grades. An Essay for Submission completion is also required. The Essay should be inclusive of the title and theme: Why I Desire to Serve My Country." Interested applicants should inquire by email to: TheAntonioL.SantosMemorialFund@gmail.com 


The Antonio L. Santos Memorial Scholarship is open to all Hondo high school graduating students, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, culture, heritage, or college preference in the use of the Awarded Grant in furthering their education. The preference of the Antonio L. Santos Memorial Scholarship/Fund would be to see a recipient pursue a career in the military at West Point Academy. Deciding factors are strictly limited to the GPA, drive and passion of the applicant, vision for their future, and Essay.


The process for selecting qualifying applicants for Scholarship Grants begins in early February of the graduating year. The process includes three phases, once monthly, leading to the Awards Announcement in early May. Amounts vary, dependent on Funds raised through donations, campaigns, crowdfunding, fundraisers and monthly donor support. Amounts will vary between $1,000 - $2,000.00+

Tony Santos taught us,
"every dolla
r counts!" 

The Tony Santos
Memorial and Proclamation